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5 Hutton Centre Dr Suite 1025, Santa Ana, CA 92707

Explore mortgage types and mortgage loan options.

Which Mortgage Loan Is Right for You?

Apex Mortgage Lending Programs

First Time Home Buyer

We’ll take the mystery out of the home buying process, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Interest-Only Loan

Make interest-only payments for a fixed term.


Lower your interest rate, reduce monthly payments, or eliminate PMI from your mortgage loan.

Cash Out Refinance

Secure cash to pay down high-interest debt, make home improvements, and more.

Reverse Mortgage

Prepare for retirement by leveraging home equity into cash, with no monthly payment.

Student Loan Payoff Refinance

Get a lower interest rate on your home and pay off student loan debt all at once.

FHA Loans

Purchase a home with a down payment as low as 3.5%

USDA Loans

Get a mortgage loan with no down payment and low interest rates in rural and suburban areas.

VA House Loans

Helping our veterans and active military secure homes with 0% down, no PMI, and lower interest rates.